Between Two Grandmothers

Leap Year! For me, the 29th of February is always special because it’s a day to stop and remember my two Grandmothers. Maternal grandmother, Maude, (a poet…you can read about her here) was born on February 28th. Paternal grandmother, Mary, (a farm girl who had a very humorous way with words) was born on March 1st. So this day is sandwiched between the birthdays of those two wonderful women whom I remember so fondly and miss even after all these years. I was so lucky to have both of them in my life until I was an adult. They influenced me in many ways, and their unconditional love is more than just a memory, it is something I carry in my heart and treasure every day of my life.

I’ll talk about my February reading in a post tomorrow. Today, I just want to focus on remembering those two lovely women.

5 thoughts on “Between Two Grandmothers

  1. Kristen M.

    My maternal grandmother was also born on February 28th! Somehow, when I was a kid I had convinced myself that something special happened for her on Leap Day and was somewhat disappointed when I realized that her birthday stayed the same no matter what. Anyway, I miss my grammy as well and understand your loving thoughts today.


  2. Kailana

    My mother’s mother is still alive, they live to a ripe old age in that family, but my paternal grandmother died when I was 13. I wish she had lived to see more of my life. It is nice to remember them, though. 🙂


  3. Robin Post author

    Kelly, I’m glad you still have your one grandma and those special memories of your other one!

    Nan, my maternal grandmother was 87, and my paternal grandma was 82. They both lived very full lives. Two of my maternal grandmother’s sisters lived to be 98 and 103! Some longevity genes on that side of the family! I was 22 when my maternal grandma died, and 29 when my paternal grandma passed. Luckily, both of them were at my wedding!



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