Reading Space Nostalgia


As I was doing some blog organization this morning, I found this draft of a post long abandoned. The photo is from 3 years ago, when we were still living in our condo in the Seattle area, and the post was intended to show my cozy “reading space” for the Estellagram challenge of that month. I don’t know why I didn’t post it on that day, although I did include it in my summary post of the Estellagram photos of that month (which is why there are some comments attached to it). However, finding the photo this morning made me homesick for that reading spot. Incidentally, the photo also shows my blogging spot — with my laptop on the round table and the view out over the greenbelt. I have other reading and blogging spots now in our new home, but those were particularly nice ones and I didn’t realize that I was missing them until I found this photo!

6 thoughts on “Reading Space Nostalgia

  1. Robin Post author

    Thanks for your well-wishes Chris, Les, and Nan. I am feeling much better this week after a rough time with bronchitis. I also really enjoyed having the time [during bed rest] to read. I never miss multiple days of school, so this has been an unusual winter for me. I wouldn’t wish any kind of illness on anyone, but it has given me time away from the busy world to get caught up once again in my reading. That’s the best medicine there is!


  2. Kailana

    I am a desktop user, so my blogging spot is always the same. lol I have a laptop, but I use my desktop for saving pictures, etc, so it is the easiest place to blog from. As to reading, I mostly find myself in bed or on the sofa. 🙂


  3. Robin Post author

    Kelly, it’s definitely easiest to work on the computer that has all your photos! Mine are all on my laptop, but I still prefer to sit at a table when I write rather than balancing the computer on my lap!



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