Let Them Be Your Friends


If you cannot read all your books, at any rate handle, or as it were fondle them — peer into them, let them fall open where they will, read from the first sentence that arrests the eye, set them back on the shelves with your own hands, arrange them on your own plan so that if you do not know what is in them, you at least know where they are. Let them be your friends; let them at any rate be your acquaintances. If they cannot enter the circle of your life, do not deny them at least a nod of recognition.”
     ~ Winston Churchill

A wonderful quote to share with you this morning! It beautifully describes my own love of books and puts my mind at ease when I start to worry about how slowly I am reading these days or how tall my TBR pile has become over the years. It’s not about how many I am able to read, but about how much I love books. And there are so many ways to “read” a book, by finding the perfect word, by reading a wonderful sentence, by enjoying an entire story, or by savoring the illustrations. I love being surrounded by books. I love reading, and Mr. Churchill perfectly explains why. I am rich in friends.

7 thoughts on “Let Them Be Your Friends

  1. Les in NE

    Wonderful quote! I came home from the library yesterday (my first visit in a couple of years!) with an armful of books. I’ve been reading from my own stacks since January 1st, but decided to spend a month reading some offerings from the library. They’re all books that I’ve really wanted to read, but didn’t want to purchase. I have a feeling they’ll all be winners. I’ll share a post about them this week, if you’re interested. Enjoy your Sunday, Robin!


  2. Robin Post author

    Les, definitely interested! We did the same thing yesterday–brought home a new pile of books from the library. Our Sunday will be filled with gardening and reading (temps in the 80s for a few days)! Enjoy your Sunday, too!


  3. Kristen M.

    Getting new bookshelves last year definitely started me on this path. Now I know where each of my books are and why I chose to put them there. I’ve reread more this year than I have in a while and I’m loving it!



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