April and May Reading

When Spring finally arrives here in Oregon, my reading slows down. Spring is so gorgeous here, and there are so many outdoor things to see and do. Going for long walks and gardening set the pace of each day, and our “Wandering Wednesdays” define each week, so reading time is moved to “in-between.”  I tend to fall asleep while reading at night instead of being able to stay up late to finish a book, and it takes me weeks instead of days to finish a longer book. But I’m okay with that…as long as I have a book going at all times.

Despite all the beautiful distractions during April and May I was able to enjoy and finish these books:


6 thoughts on “April and May Reading

  1. dastevensishagain

    I guessing you might know someone with selective mutism? I ask, because it seems so few people have ever heard of it. I know I’d never heard of it before our son was diagnosed with it years ago. How was the book?
    I’m with you–reading at bedtime, while I generally try, it rarely nets me more than a page or two. 🙂


  2. Robin Post author

    Kelly, I love her books, too! Downloaded one the other day from audible so I’m going to listen to it soon.

    Debi, yes, my grandson was diagnosed with it earlier this year. I thought the book was quite good. It was written for young people but we all found it very helpful in understanding this problem — a problem that was completely new to us, too. How is your son doing? You can pm me if you’d rather.


  3. Les in NE

    Lovely photos, Robin! My reading slows down during the lazy, hot days of summer. Too much to do outdoors, especially with regard to the weeds and watering. We sit on the porch a lot on the weekends and during the evenings, but I rarely read out there if my hubby is with me.


  4. Robin Post author

    Kristen, it’s just so nice to be able to spend time outside! We had such a long and very soggy winter, as you know I’m sure.

    Thanks, Les. Everything here centers around weeds and watering, too! I will sometimes read on the porch in the afternoon until it gets too hot, but not in the evenings, either. It’s such a nice time to sit and talk…or just sit! I don’t think we get enough “just sit” time!



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