Reading Escapes

I must admit that I am an escapist. The national election scene in September and October has been an awful place to hang out. Yes, I watched all three presidential debates. Yes, I did my homework on local issues and candidates. And yes, I have voted. But it all left me feeling breathless, cold and shaken as if the Dementors have been hovering nearby!

So my reading list for September and October reflects my need to close out that crazy ugly world of politics and find more uplifting places in which to spend my time. I search for those kinds of books and appreciate so much the ones I find with kindness in them.

There. A kind word, a word of encouragement or admiration, could shift the heaviest, most recalcitrant baggage.
~from Precious and Grace, by Alexander McCall Smith

So, my September and October escapes…

10 thoughts on “Reading Escapes

  1. Les in NE

    I’ve had a hard time concentrating on my books and will be very happy when this election is behind us. Last night I found myself tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. I went downstairs with my current book (Gemini by Carol Cassella), a small glass of bourbon and my Annie-Dog. We curled up on the couch and read until 1:15! I was (finally!) engrossed in a good book and didn’t want to quit reading. Thankfully, I was able to sleep until 7:30 this morning.

    I haven’t read any of the books you’ve mentioned in this post and keep meaning to give Alexander McCall Smith’s series another chance. I didn’t care for the first one when I tried is many, many years ago.


  2. Robin Post author

    Les, I hate that tossing and turning thing so I’m glad you found an enjoyable way to counteract it! I do enjoy the #1 Ladies Detective Agency series, however, I haven’t been able to get into his other series. Just not for me, I guess. That might be the case for you?


  3. Kristen M

    I am so with you, Robin! This is why I’m rereading Flavia de Luce stories right now. They take me completely away from our current situation. I’ve done my part by voting and now I’m checking out for the next week and a bit.


  4. Robin Post author

    Kristen, it’s been so awful! I need to get back to the Flavia de Luce series…I read the first two and then didn’t continue on for some strange reason. They would definitely help take my mind of other thing!



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