The Need for Solitude


Solitude is something I need.  I don’t need a lot of it, but it is a definite need. I recently read Mary Oliver‘s new book, Upstream, and although I knew it already, she and I are kindred spirits…

Not to be alone–ever–is one of my ideas of hell, and a day when I have had no solitude at all in which to catch up with myself I find mentally, physically and spiritually exhausting. When one is alone one is receptive–a ready vessel for the sights, the scents and sounds which pour in through relaxed and animated senses to refresh the inner man.

My moments of solitude each day have almost always been in the early morning before others in the house awaken. I love and need those quiet moments with my cup of tea, a good book or some knitting in hand. Moments for just me…and then I can take on the world.

6 thoughts on “The Need for Solitude

  1. Kailana

    I am the same way. I am having mine right now. Lately it is coffee and blog reading, but it can move on to reading depending on what time the rest of the house wakes up.


  2. Les in NE

    Ditto! My moments of solitude usually occur in the morning (on the weekends) before my husband wakes up and while he’s walking our dog. During the week, it’s usually only after I first arrive home from work. I wasn’t always a fan of solitude, though. I don’t think I learned to be comfortable by myself until my 30s. Now I treasure those moments of peace & quiet.


  3. dastevensishagain

    Yes, yes, yes. I treasure those moments of solitude whenever I can find them. I think it’s why I enjoy doing the dishes–everyone leaves me alone for fear of getting wrangled in to help or something. 😉 And it probably sounds awful to say, but the week my husband takes the kids camping for spring break each year is like a slice of heaven. Not that I don’t miss them all and not that I wouldn’t go with them if I could (I can’t because of our menagerie of non-human family members), but oh how that week of solitude refreshes me.


  4. Kay

    I’m seeing a theme here and I, too, am a person who requires solitude. I always have. The quote you shared seems very true to my life. Being around people without some respite for alone time is extremely exhausting for me. Happily, my husband is much the same. And I’m also an early riser. Always have been.



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