Currently Reading: The Meaning of Michelle


This morning my pre-ordered Kindle book arrived. I decided to give myself and give my mother this book as a gift of hope. Michelle Obama is a person she and I greatly admire. Her words always give us hope and courage, which are things we will all need in the coming days, weeks, years.

3 thoughts on “Currently Reading: The Meaning of Michelle

  1. Tabor

    I find myself comparing first ladies. One gets in trouble for baring her arms and the other gets absolute no comment for baring her a**. I do feel sorry for the second first lady because she will never have a way out, a way to saving her son and herself and she has no role for the next four years that will fit her and American citizens well.

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  2. Les in NE

    I’m eager to hear your thoughts on the book. I was tempted to buy a copy when I shelved our stock last week at work. It looks like it will be a quick read. I, too, admired Michelle Obama (and of course, her wonderful husband).



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