10 Years Ago: A Shy Blogger

Books and reading are such an important part of my life. Recently, I’ve become fascinated by the many reading blogs on the internet–the wonderful sharing of ideas and the love of reading. Thinking to myself…I’d like to share some of my passion for books, and some of my experiences as a reader. So, shyly, I begin a blog.

Ten years ago this morning I sat down at my computer and started this blog with that first very short post. I had fallen in love with the new book blogging world online, and although I’m a shy and very private person, I wanted to take part in the celebration of books and reading that was happening at that moment in time. It’s been a wonderful ten years full of books and bookish friends!

So this morning I celebrate a decade of sharing with you my thoughts, memories, and ideas from a lifetime of reading! A heartfelt thank you to all of my readers/followers for being part of my reading life!


11 thoughts on “10 Years Ago: A Shy Blogger

  1. secretary66

    I think most of us were shy about throwing our digital words out into the great black hole of the universe. I have been blogging since 2004 and my first blogs were trite and tentative and I was using it as a diary rather than communication tool. That, too, has changed.

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  2. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Marlo. I always appreciate your comments/insights!

    Thanks, Les. I’m glad we share a love of both books and Oregon. And yes, we must meet up before too long!

    Thanks, Kelly. You have a special place in my heart for reaching out to me during my painful silent time!

    Thanks, JoAnn. It’s amazing how fast 10 years seems to go by!

    Secretary66, thanks for stopping by! I like your description, “throwing our digital words into the great black hole of the universe”! It did feel like that, but it sure brought me into contact with people I respect and admire! Readers and wordsmiths who enrich my life!

    Thanks, Debi! I’m glad we finally found each other!


  3. Kay

    Happy Blogversary, Robin! I think many of us are shy in real life, but more outgoing in our blogs. Always glad to see a post that you share, especially your pictures of Oregon. Here’s to another 10 years!!


  4. Nan

    It makes me so happy that you are still here, and that you write often. I’ve just switched back to Safari for my blog because for some reason Chrome doesn’t think I am signed in so I can’t post. Well, I’ve just spent the last hour or so going through a bookmark I called ‘new visits.’ It amazed me how many blogs have gone in the six years since I left Safari. Happily, several are still here and I added them to my blog list. I love your blog. Always quietly wonderful. You had a picture once of where you blogged from and I think of it when I read your words (even though that was your old house!)

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  5. Robin Post author

    Thank you, Kay! Yes, I think you’re right…I’m a lot less shy on my blog! I’m glad we also have the Oregon connection. I’ll be sharing more photos soon since we are headed to the ocean today!

    Nan, thank you for your kind words and for being my special blogging friend for so many years! I must admit that I miss that blogging spot from long ago! It was so wonderful to sit at that table and look out over the greenbelt. Definitely a special spot. I’m pleased you remembered it!



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