Watching Waves Therapy


My Facebook and Instagram friends have already heard about my birthday surprise weekend (thanks to my sweet husband, Byron) at the Oregon coast. We celebrated my birthday by spending hours watching waves. The effect of that on the human psyche is absolutely therapeutic! We are calling it our “watching waves therapy” and will be repeating this lovely weekend as often as we can!

After leaving Depoe Bay, we also stopped at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon, before we returned home. What a wonderful place! The hours we spent there were both educational and fun. This is definitely another place we’ll be visiting again soon, too!

Depoe Bay, Oregon:

Hatfield Marine Science Center:

8 thoughts on “Watching Waves Therapy

  1. Kay

    Oh how lovely! I totally agree about the almost healing effect of watching waves. It has helped me – the summer after my mother passed away. We stayed in a house on the beach in Lincoln City, OR, just north of Depoe Bay. Gorgeous. Les will like these pictures.

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  2. Les in NE

    Happy Belated Birthday! Where did you go to eat while you were on the coast? Hatfield is a great museum, isn’t it? And, yes, the ocean and those waves are very soothing. I love walking along the bluff in Depoe Bay (and Little Whale Cove), just staring out at the ocean. I can’t wait until it becomes a part of my daily routine. You and Kay should come for a visit sometime!! 🙂

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  3. Andrea Sachs

    Now you’ve seen why we moved to Depoe Bay! I have loved every year of the almost twenty I’ve been here. And now I’ll have Les and Rod here so I can stay forever.


  4. Robin Post author

    Kay, what a lovely and healing place to grieve. Even though we weren’t there very long this time, it certainly helped to put this crazy world right now in perspective for us!

    Les, I’m so happy for you to be able to move to that area and to be close to your mom! I’ll bet you are counting down the minutes! And yes, the Hatfield museum is wonderful. We didn’t have time to revisit the aquarium on this trip, but will do so soon.

    Nan, the Hatfield museum is wonderful — and with free admission! Both of us loved it! Next trip there, we will go the the aquarium, which is just down the street. We haven’t been there in ages and look forward to visiting it again.

    Andrea, I totally understand now why you moved there! I’m so happy for you to have Les and Rod moving there soon. What a wonderful place for them to retire, and how very nice to have family close so you can stay there forever!



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