January Reflections


My reading January was very enjoyable this year. I started the month with determination to get back to both my reading and my blogging. I’ve let many things interfere with both activities recently so the recommitment was important to me. i figured that if i could post a photo each day on Instagram, that I could certainly put a little more energy and time into reading and reflecting on my reading life. I am delighted to report that I read eight books in January and posted on my blog almost every day.

I didn’t set any specific reading goals at the first of the month, but there are a number of directions I want my reading to take in 2017. I’d like to read some of the books published in my birth year, 1949. I am also starting to read books that I am calling my “resistance reading” — books that help me as I try to understand this current political climate in my country, and books that help me better define my own beliefs. I was pleased to discover that the book I checked out of the library last week, 1984 by George Orwell, fit into both categories! Also, I would like to read, or reread, many of the classics on @roofbeamreader’s Classic Book-a-Month challenge list.

It is lovely to say that I am really enjoying my reading at this time. I loved the books I read in January, and I’m looking forward to seeing where February takes me!

Here are the covers of my January reads:


7 thoughts on “January Reflections

  1. Robin Post author

    Tabor, the same thing for me–I read it in high school, and watched the film version, and now checked out the book from the library. It’s my intention to reread it but I’m trying to work up the courage to start it.

    Thanks, Kelly! Such a short month this year again.

    Thanks, Nan! That encourages me to keep doing at least a little blogging each day.


  2. Les in NE

    I’ll echo Nan’s comment and say that I’m thrilled that you are blogging so frequently, Robin! I only wish there were a way to request an email when you respond to comments. I don’t see a box to check anywhere here on your reply form, so I just pop back after a few days to read your response.

    Here’s to a good month of reading!


  3. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Les, for letting me know about the notifications option. You would think I would know about these things, but there’s still so much to learn!



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