An Old and a New Bookstore

Long ago, before I went back to school to finish my education and become a teacher (now happily retired after 27 years of teaching), I worked in a wonderful little independent bookshop in Salt Lake City called The King’s English. It was a dream job for me because I had always appreciated and supported independent bookshops, small and large, and because I have always been an avid reader. Now living in the Portland, Oregon, area my favorite independent bookshop is Powell’s!


A photo of my sweet little independent bookshop, The King’s English, (and my old blue VW bug) from long ago.

But yesterday, my friend and I went shopping at Washington Square, a mall in nearby Tigard, Oregon, and visited the new Amazon bookstore, one of a new chain of bookstores nationwide. We enjoyed our visit there, as I always do when I find a new bookstore to explore, and were glad we stopped in to check it out!

6 thoughts on “An Old and a New Bookstore

  1. Kay

    First of all, the bookshop you worked in, The King’s English, looks wonderful. My favorite thing on vacations is finding little independent bookstores and giving them a bit of business. I love Powell’s. Love it. When we lived it Portland, it was a wonderful place for me to browse. And get lost in. And waste time in. LOL

    I’ve been to Washington Square in Tigard many times. We lived in Beaverton and our church was in Tigard. Had no idea that Amazon was opening actual bookstores. Wow. Wonder what their theory is. Nice pictures.


  2. Robin Post author

    Kay, The King’s English is still wonderful! It’s really a special place to visit if you are ever passing through Salt Lake City. And Powell’s, of course, is heaven on earth! I spend more time in the Cedar Hills store, however, and don’t get into the main store in downtown Portland as often as I would like.

    Kelly, I am actually happy walking into any bookstore, independent or chain! But I’ll be honest and admit that I buy a majority of my books these days online!


  3. Les in NE

    Love that photography of The King’s English and your old VW!!

    I’m curious to see what an Amazon bookstore looks like and I’m sure we’ll visit this one once we get settled in Depoe Bay. Working in a bookstore, I rarely spend much time shopping in other stores since I’m already aware of what’s available and my shelves are overflowing. Once I stop working at B&N, though, I’m sure I’ll get a lot of enjoyment as a customer once again!

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  4. Robin Post author

    Les, I realize now that it’s not a bad drive from Depoe Bay to the Portland area so I imagine you’ll be visiting many of the bookstores and other special places fairly often. You are so going to enjoy retirement!


  5. Kristen M.

    I didn’t know you worked at The King’s English! And I so wish I had known about it when I lived in Utah for a couple of years in the 90s but, since it was the early days of the internet, it wasn’t as easy to find out about gems like that.



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