A Bibliography

notebook-from-1974Looking through some of my old notebooks the other day, I found an extensive bibliography of a book that I vaguely remember reading: Images of Women in Fiction: Feminist Perspectives, by Susan K. Cornillon. It was a library book, I remember that, and I was particularly interested in the extensive bibliography the author included. At that time I was a young stay-at-home mother with a 2-1/2 year old, so I must have been very Impressed because I took the time to copy it down, filling 5 pages in my notebook. With my cell phone, I took photos of those five pages to share with you because it’s a terrific book list! And it was fun for me to realize that over the years since 1974, I have read many of those books even though I hadn’t looked at that list in years! Do you keep notebooks? They really do turn into treasures after a few years…

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7 thoughts on “A Bibliography

  1. Nan

    I began jotting down the books I read years ago, after being encouraged by Les’ book journals. Later I started keeping notes in an email folder. The best thing about the computer is that I can search!! But the on the other hand if I’m looking for something specific in my hand-written journals, I can get lost in reading about a book I had forgotten about. I looked through your list, and have read very few of the writers just for pleasure. Several I read at college.

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  2. Robin Post author

    Tabor, I wish I had kept more notebooks! I appreciate the ones I have but I wasn’t consistent in keeping them over the years.

    Nan, I should start keeping more notes on the computer, now, too. I have a lot of snippets from different books saved on my Kindle, but I haven’t figured out if there’s a search feature for them.


  3. Les in NE

    I have several book journals, which I started back in 1995. I’m slowly blogging about those books every Friday (Looking Back posts), but I won’t get rid of the journals once I’m finished since I have such a sentimental attachment to them. I kept journals even after I started blogging, but it soon became to redundant, so I stopped. I hope nothing ever happens to my blog! I would hate to lose all those reviews!

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  4. Robin Post author

    Nan, thanks for the link to the blog post! Synchronicity…again!

    Les, I love your Looking Back posts. I’ve wondered, too, how to preserve my blog. It’s such a record and I would love my family to have it. I should start investigating what options there might be for preserving it. Surely some technology person has figured out how to do that!?



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