Read a Good Book Twice

By Deborah DeWit

A painting by one of my favorite artists: Deborah DeWit

Tonight just a thought about reading…

“One can always read a good book twice, ” Mrs Arbuthnot snapped. “In fact one always should read a good book twice.”

~ Elizabeth Taylor, Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont

8 thoughts on “Read a Good Book Twice

    1. Robin Post author

      Kay, me too! Except with Jane Austen, I’ve always felt that I need to reread her books at many different stages of my life! Each time I read them, I understand them differently. Time for another reread of those favorites!


  1. Les in NE

    I hope to do more of this when I’m retired and have more time to read. I recently read and then listened to the same book, something I’ve never done before. I was hoping to see what I was missing in the book that so many people loved. (The book is My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout). Neither format wowed me.

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    1. Robin Post author

      Les, reading and then listening to the book is a great idea! I’ll have to try that. Your experience with Lucy Barton is one I run into every once in awhile, too. Everybody seems to like a certain book, but it just doesn’t do it for me and I never quite understand why.



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