Wallace Stegner’s Typewriter

In celebration of Wallace Stegner‘s birthday today, I share this photograph I took of his typewriter. It’s on display in the Special Collections section of the University of Utah library in Salt Lake City.  Although this isn’t a great photo, I do love seeing desks or tools used by wonderful writers!


Novels by Wallace Stegner:
  • Remembering Laughter (1937)
  • The Potter’s House (1938)
  • On a Darkling Plain (1940)
  • Fire and Ice (1941)
  • The Big Rock Candy Mountain (1943), semi-autobiographical
  • Second Growth (1947)
  • The Preacher and the Slave (1950), reissued as Joe Hill: A Biographical Novel
  • A Shooting Star (1961)
  • All the Little Live Things (1967)
  • Joe Hill: A Biographical Novel (1969)
  • Angle of Repose (1971), winner of the Pulitzer Prize
  • The Spectator Bird (1976), winner of the National Book Award
  • Recapitulation (1979)
  • Crossing to Safety (1987)

2 thoughts on “Wallace Stegner’s Typewriter

    1. Robin Post author

      Andrea, which is your favorite Stegner book? I’ve been trying to remember if I met him when I was working at the bookstore in Salt Lake City in the early 80s. I know he was a special guest there.



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