Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, is one of my favorite adventure stories, so I had high hopes for liking his book, Kidnapped, equally as much when I chose it as one of my Classics Club reads. We have a lovely copy of the book, with those wonderful illustrations by N. C. Wyeth, that’s been sitting on our shelf for years, so I read it eagerly but I’m sorry to admit that I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as Treasure Island.

But in all fairness, it was a different kind of story from the pirates adventure of Treasure Island. This book is a work of historical fiction with characters that were actual people involved in an important part of Scottish history, so even without the pirates there was a lot of intrigue. I thought the beginning  and the ending of the book were quite good and definitely kept me interested.  The story slowed down a bit too much in the middle for me, perhaps because I didn’t know much about the history that inspired this story. The idea that this story could possibly drag a little in the middle seems strange considering the rip-roaring description on the title page.


I may have to give it another chance at some time because I really like the other books I have read by Robert Louis Stevenson. He’s a wonderful writer and storyteller, so perhaps it just wasn’t the right time for me to read it. That happens to me sometimes and, when I reread the book later, I love it. Does that ever happen to you?


I chose to read this book as one of my 50-books-in-5-years for The Classics Club.

4 thoughts on “Kidnapped

  1. Kristen M.

    I just asked my husband “You’ve read Kidnapped, right?” and he said “Part of it. I’m in the middle.” I’m guessing you’re right about it getting bogged down! Maybe I’ll get to it someday since there’s a copy in the house.

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    1. Robin Post author

      Nan, I read Treasure Island first as a “novel study” with my 6th graders. I really enjoyed the story and was interested in their responses to it. The adventure of it captured both the boys and the girls, although I think if it hadn’t been assigned, it would be mostly the boys that would choose it. It’s great as an audiobook, though. And Kidnapped just didn’t compare.



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