What Happened to May?

What happened to May? It just flew by for me in a rush of travel, gardening, visits with family and meeting with old/new friends, 5k races, and unfortunately, spending evenings being completely sucked into the news of the day. It was overall a lovely month and especially nice to have some sunshine and warmth arrive after such a long winter and wet spring!

During May, both my reading and blogging took back seat to all the other activities. However, I did manage to finish reading 4 books, two of them mysteries by Donna Leon, and I’m getting close to the end of my rereading of J.R.R. Tolkien’s, The Lord of the Rings.

Welcome June! I’m looking forward to getting back to my books this month and to being able to read them on the front porch!

3 thoughts on “What Happened to May?

  1. Nan

    My May was wet and cold except for those two ‘Mrs Bale’ hot weather days. Hard to keep the grass mown, and the garden weeded. I have grass as tall as my daylilies. So far June is the same!


  2. Kristen M.

    I counted up my May pages read yesterday and it was REALLY low! But I also had a fun and busy month so I’ll just look forward to more reading in June. 🙂



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