Photo by Tristan Fortsch (Click on the photo to follow the link to a news article about the fire.)

Those of us living in the greater Portland, Oregon, area are grieving the loss to fire of so much natural beauty in our beloved Columbia River Gorge. Although my husband and I live 75 miles west of where this devastating fire started, our air is filled with ash and smoke.  And although we live 75 miles away, this fire hits very close to home and is very personal.

Our grandson and his mother live just across the river from where the fire started, and have had to leave their home and take refuge with us and with friends for the time being. Our grandson’s school is closed indefinitely. We are grateful that they are safe, and so very grateful to all the people that are working to contain the fire and to help all those whose lives are in upheaval due to this fire. There are many heroes in this story.

But it breaks my heart to think of what this sensitive 10 year old will see when he and his mom return home. The views he loves to look at out his bedroom window are now forever altered. It feels like Life is now forever altered.


5 thoughts on “Conflagration

  1. Les in OR

    I am so sorry your grandson and his mom had to evacuate, but I’m thankful they had places to go. What a tragedy for that entire area! We had hazy, smoky skies, but not as bad as what you experienced. No ash here. I hope the wind shift and humidity (maybe rain?) has helped somewhat. What a terrible few weeks for so many (what with the hurricanes, fires, earthquake, etc.)


  2. Kristen M.

    Oh, I didn’t know that the fire was so close to your grandson. How sad. At least he will get to see it all come to life again? Fires are great fertilizers and there will be so many hidden seeds just waiting for the rains to come this fall.



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