Wise Words from Harry Truman

…photo from The Truman Library.

Wise words from Harry Truman as reported by biographer, David McCullough:

Harry Truman was a reader. He was a lifelong reader. I asked Margaret one day, “What would be your father’s idea of heaven?” She said, “Oh, that’s easy. It would be a good comfortable armchair and a good reading lamp and a stack of new history and biography that he wanted to read.” He once said that all readers can’t be leaders, but all leaders must be readers.

This seems particularly important and relevant today!


5 thoughts on “Wise Words from Harry Truman

  1. Kay

    Isn’t that a great saying? Have you ever read any of Margaret Truman’s mysteries? I read a bunch of them back in the day. Have thought about rereading a few to see if they held up.

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  2. Nan

    I LOVED McCullough’s book on Truman. One of the best books I’ve ever read.
    There are stories, probably true, of Theodore Roosevelt reading a book every day, as did his wife.

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