Grandson and Grandma Play Minecraft

In the last few weeks, we’ve spent quite a bit of time with our 11-year-old grandson. Those hours spent with him are precious times!  On the days that we have him all day long, we have a fun routine. We start the day at the breakfast table making a list of all the things we want to do during the day, including what we’ll have for lunch and dinner, errands and tasks. Time outdoors is included as well as the indoor games and activities. We revisit the list at the end of the day and mark off the things we’ve actually done. It’s a fun way to realize that there are endless things we can do and never get bored while spending the day (or days) with grandparents!

One thing that is always on the list is some time for one of his favorite computer games, Minecraft. Last year, he showed me how to start a game myself, and I was hooked! He showed great patience in helping me learn how to build things and navigate the environment. He showed me that I could choose a “peaceful” game without monsters attacking me and blowing up my buildings, and that I also had a choice of “survival” or “creative” modes. In survival mode, I have to find all my own supplies and materials. In creative mode, they are already there for me. I find this game fun and relaxing and play it quite often, building houses, villages, and cities, and exploring many different biomes.

But now there is a computer version in the house that can be hooked to the TV and is controlled by a joystick. Although I do well on the touchscreen version of the game on my iPad, this old grandma has a great deal of trouble with using a joystick to navigate the computer version! Grandson has once again shown great patience in trying to help me learn how to use it because he would dearly love to play a two-person version of the game. If I could just manage to work that joystick really well, we could build things together in one game! But the manual dexterity skills that seem to come so naturally to young people these days are very difficult for me to manage, so I mostly end up watching him create his Minecraft worlds. I’m practicing my joystick skills, but it’s slow learning for me.

This sweet Grandboy hasn’t given up on me. He enjoys visiting my current game on my iPad, and likes to add his own touches to what I have been building. And he continues to educate me about the endless possibilities of this amazing game. He’s a wonderful teacher! This week, he loaned me three books to read on the subject (knowing I love to learn by reading). I know I am loved when he loans me his hardback Minecraft books!

4 thoughts on “Grandson and Grandma Play Minecraft

  1. Nan

    Isn’t he just the sweetest, kindest person. I loved reading about him, and you. Wonderful. I have never had any dexterity in anything. My hands just don’t work like that. haha. I love your lists. All of you are lucky people!

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    1. Robin Post author

      Thanks, Nan! He has a big heart, that “little” boy. (He’s almost as tall as me now!) The lists are great! I’ve kept each one and they’re a wonderful record of our times together. It’s fun to be reminded of what he was interested in two or three years ago versus now.


  2. Kristen M.

    Your list idea seems great for moms of only children in the summer and on vacations too! We end up doing, well, not a lot. 😉 And I have yet to be invited to do anything but watch Minecraft being played so you are quite lucky!

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  3. Robin Post author

    Kristen, your Minecraft comment made me chuckle. It’s one of the perks of being the grandma instead of the mom! My own kids would have probably thought me too much of a dweeb to be playing Minecraft with them! Now I’m a grandma dweeb so I’m allowed! 🙂

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