I am awake early this morning. Sadness woke me from a grieving dream about a friend who is moving away.

So I made some tea and opened a book of poems from the library. Poems by Ursula le Guin. I read her introduction and then a couple of random poems. Poetry touches me like music, going straight to my heart in a way that bypasses all my filters and protections. I was touched by her words — words that describe similar experiences and familiar feelings — we have shared common ground, the Poet and the Reader.

And then I found her poem called “Dos Poesias Para Mi Diana.” There, inside this poem, was an electrical connection!  Without knowing anything about the personal life of this writer, her words alone, without explanation or history, let me know that we have walked the same pathways, shared two far-distant places on this planet. I am thrilled, touched, overwhelmed momentarily by the synchronicity of this magical connection. And it’s like the voice of a friend from far away gently reminding me that distance, and time, are irrelevant. Our connections, our friendships, transcend time and space.

Good morning, my friends!

5 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Kristen M.

    I love when literature fixes what ails us. And if it makes you feel better, I had a dream yesterday where someone was very unkind to me and you were the one there to be my friend and support me. ❤

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  2. Les in OR

    I love it when there are connections in my reading like this! I’m sorry you had such a bad dream, but hope it’s a distant memory by now. Thanks for the reminder to look for some poetry books for April. 🙂

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  3. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Les. I need to look for more poetry books for April, too! April in the classroom was always full of poetry. The kids had to memorize a poem and then recite it to me, or in front of the class if they chose to. I loved listening to those voices speaking poetry!



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