Currently Reading: Tyler’s Row

Painting by Helen Allingham…A Cottage Near Brook-Witley

The book I am currently reading is Tyler’s Row, by Miss Read, which is the ninth book in her Fairacre series. I love this gentle series, and I’m enjoying reading the twenty books in order. I’ve also joined a fun Facebook page related to the series. It’s called “I Want to Live in Fairacre!” and the name is perfect because I would move there in a heartbeat.

Here’s an example of why this book is a such a perfect afternoon-on-the-porch read:

Before long, a few more people wandered into the garden with their packets of lunch. Diana was struck by their general air of happiness. Most of them were women, faces upturned to the sunshine, half-smiling—children again in a world where flowers and birds, quietness and fragrance, took precedence, and one had time to observe, to reflect, to wonder and to be glad.

5 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Tyler’s Row

    1. Robin Post author

      I can’t wait to get to the Thrush Green series, Nan! I’m so enjoying Fairacre, and now I suspect I’ll love Thrush Green even more!



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