Hannah and Sugar

What is courage? What does it really mean to be brave? These are the essential questions in this sweet little book for young people, Hannah and Sugar. Hannah is afraid of dogs. Something happens to change that  in this award winning book by Oregon illustrator/author, Kate Berube.

I can so relate to Hannah! I’ve always had a fear of dogs, but as I grow older, I find myself wanting to experience that very special relationship I see between my friends and their dogs. Maybe someday I will learn about my own fear of dogs and become a dog person, like Hannah.


4 thoughts on “Hannah and Sugar

  1. Nan

    Did you have a bad experience? Did a dog scare or bite you? This may not be PC to say, but I am a big fan of buying a dog from a breeder. That way you know what you are getting. Especially if you are leery of dogs in general. Like, for example, we needed a dog that we could utterly trust with children, and we came upon the Labrador retriever. But there are big dogs and small dogs that you can completely trust to never turn on you or anyone else. I’m here if you ever want to talk dog breeds. I literally could not live without a dog. I would waste away.

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    1. Robin Post author

      Nan, I did have a bad experience and was nipped by a Doberman as I was walking down the street. But the other reason we’ve never had a dog is because of allergies in the family. Our son has asthma, so we never had a pet as a young family, except for a lizard and some fish! I appreciate and will remember your kind offer to talk dog breeds, though. You never know!


  2. Les in OR

    I was never really a dog person until we got Annie. Somehow, she spoke to my heart and I fell in love with her gentle nature. She was a rescue and she was the sweetest dog I have ever known. Maybe you would do well with a small dog, like a Bichon. My dad and stepmom have one and they are good dogs for those with allergies. They also love to snuggle and are great lapdogs. I can picture you reading with one snuggled up on the couch or in a chair with you. And, of course, walking a dog is always a great way to get in more steps. 🙂

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