My Best Friend

Forty-nine years ago today, I married my best friend. He and I were, and still are, kindred spirits. Both of us felt that kinship when we first met, but we also had proof sitting on our respective book shelves. Each of us owned a very old book from the same set of books….one on his shelf and a matching volume on mine. His was Pride and Prejudice (Reader, need I say more?), and mine was Silas Marner. For that reason, and of course many others, we decided WE were meant to be.

18 thoughts on “My Best Friend

  1. Kay

    So, you’re saying that August 16th is your anniversary? First of all, Happy Anniversary! And, we are anniversary buddies! Our 38th was yesterday (August 16th)! Yes, the best people marry in August and the very best marry on the 16th! We had a young couple at church that we were close to before they moved. They were also 8-16 buddies, though many years later.

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