Just a Thought…

It’s a busy Saturday, so I’m not posting a review. Instead, I’ll just post a very nice thought…

Happy Saturday to you all!

3 thoughts on “Just a Thought…

  1. Kay

    I say ‘Amen to that’. 🙂

    It’s a busy Saturday for us too. We’re having the whole extended family over for my mother-in-law’s birthday today. Have been to the store and now catching up on email and blogs before it’s time to fix some veggies and salad and other stuff. My husband is picking up some smoked turkey and others are bringing rolls and birthday cake. I farmed out the stuff I’m not going to be eating. Ha!

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    1. Robin Post author

      Kay, it sounds like a busy but happy weekend for you. We are very busy preparing for my mother’s Celebration of Life and our road trip to and from. Btw…after talking with you about WW when we met in McMinnville, I rejoined! It’s a wonderful meld with my plant-based focus that my doctor put me on, and I so appreciate the structure and the support it gives me. Thank you for planting the idea.



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