Holiday Reading

As soon as November arrives, I start my holiday reading. I love this time of year filled with lots of family activities and fun. I enjoy hunkering down on cold and icy days with a good book and a cup of tea. And I love reading holiday stories, old and new.

I started this holiday season with a short book from Miss Read’s Fairacre series (Fairacre #10). The Christmas Mouse was delightful, as are all the Fairacre books!

from Kirkus Reviews:

‘Twas the night before. . . and all through the house (will there be a dry eye?) in which Mrs. Berry lives with her daughter Mary and Mary’s two little girls (Mary’s husband has just passed on suddenly) there is still a twitch of expectation. But not for the creature who appears in Mrs. Berry’s room — with tiny pink paws, and goodness only knows she hadn’t anticipated the bedraggled little boy who turns up just before the day itself with its happy crinkle of packages. . . . Oh dear how dear, but then Miss Read’s own audience won’t be catnapping.

This was a kind and gentle story, a reminder of the things in life that really matter — family, kindness, acceptance, and love. A little book definitely worth reading on a cold November evening!


5 thoughts on “Holiday Reading

  1. Les in OR

    Glancing at my shelves, I don’t think I have any books that would fit the “holiday reading” theme. Maybe I’ll see what the library has to offer, although I’m still in the mood for a lot of nonfiction right now. Enjoy your reading, Robin!

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  2. Kay

    I’ve definitely done some holiday reading in years past. So glad that you like it too. I might do some myself. I used to read The Christmas Letters by Lee Smith every year. Maybe I’ll do it again this year.

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  3. Nan

    I just started a Christmas mystery, but found I wasn’t interested so am reading … Quiet Girl in a Noisy World! Thank you so much for writing about it.



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