An Old Book

While looking through the books on my grandson’s bookshelf, I found an old family treasure–a book that brought back memories from a Christmas long ago. I remember the Christmas I was five years old…I got a nurse costume (which I wore until it didn’t fit any more), and a baby doll (still in a box downstairs). My younger brother, a toddler, burned his finger on a Christmas light (they got hot in those days), and my oldest brother got a chemistry set. I remember him reading some big words and sounding very grown up. Along with the chemistry set, he got a book to go along with it. That’s the book I found on my grandson’s bookshelf. (I think it came to me instead of my oldest brother because our son was the first grandchild in the family.) It brought back tons of memories to look through it. And yes, the grandson has tried some of the experiments in it. They are timeless even though the world has changed drastically since it was published.

8 thoughts on “An Old Book

  1. Marlo Quick

    What a lovely visit to your past. We have recently moved and amidst the sorting and packing and lifting and toting, I found memories in my books. Now I am taking time to place them in their new spots and I love the journey into my all the different times of my life.

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  2. Kay

    That’s so cute and love your memories. I think I got a nurse set when I was about 5 or so. I do remember that my first lunchbox was a nurse one. And I am the world’s worst nurse. Very much not my thing at all. Ha! However, I raised a nurse. Maybe that counts. That chemistry book is great!

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