6 thoughts on “Wise Words from Abraham Cowley

  1. Kay

    That’s lovely, Robin. Well, maybe not a garden for me. I seem to have no ability at all in that realm, but I like to look at beautiful wildflowers in our spring here. Books – of course that is a different story. And friends…

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    1. Robin Post author

      Nan, this quote was so perfect when I found it! I know nothing about Abraham Cowley, but he must be a kindred spirit! Last year, I didn’t plant a very big garden because we were away so much. This year I, too, am looking forward to a larger garden!


    1. Robin Post author

      Les and Kay, we’ve done things backwards. We lived in a condo for 12 years while still working. No garden possible! When we retired, we moved into a house and planted a medium-sized garden! Good thing we love it! When it gets too hard to keep up, we’ll plant perennials and just enjoy the colors!



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