How My Garden Grew


When my daughter was little, I bought her a little book on gardening because as a young family, we were gardening quite a bit at that time. She loved it and we read it over and over. While going through some boxes this week, I found it! Oh what memories those little books bring back!

How My Garden Grew, by Anne & Harlow Rockwell, is a book for young children.

Here is what the publisher says on the back cover:

Dig the earth, plant the seeds, water the plants, pull the weeds. Watch as sun and rain and bees perform their magic. Then gather radishes and marigolds, sunflowers and big orange pumpkins from your very own garden.

With the simplest words and sparkling pictures, Anne and Harlow Rockwell capture a young child’s joy and pride in growing a garden all by herself.

I looked it up and it is still available as a used book (through Amazon). It would make a lovely little learn-to-garden gift for a young daughter or son, a niece or nephew, or a beloved grandchild.

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