March Reflections 2019

My reading time in March was more limited than during the winter months. The nicest reason for that was the arrival of spring blooms and occasional warm-enough days to spend outside cleaning out garden areas, and preparing one area of former garden for the big construction project my husband is undertaking — building a half-garden and half-bicycle shed. That required some transplanting, which we did in the rain.

I also increased my walking time in March, preparing for and then participating in the Shamrock Run in downtown Portland. I was very proud of myself after being relatively sedentary during the cold and icy months. It felt so good to be outside (however soggy) and back in training!

Anyway, I did enjoy my March reading, I just wasn’t as focused on reading projects, which is really OK, I tell myself. And right now, I am happy to have some gardening time (between rainstorms) and as far as my reading goes, I am particularly enjoying reading mysteries again!

Books read in March:

Favorite quote from March reading:

Eugenia Lincoln was very fond of lists. They helped her think. Lists calmed her. They made the world seem orderly and reasonable and manageable, even though the world was none of those things.

~ from Eugenia Lincoln and the Unexpected Package, by Kate DiCamillo

Some photos from March:


4 thoughts on “March Reflections 2019

  1. Les in OR

    As a list-maker, I love that quote! It’s amazing how making a list (or decluttering a closet) can make one feel in control and calm.

    I really enjoyed Shadow Over the Fens and am ready to return to that series, but Louise Penny is first in line.

    Trying to catch up on my blog-hopping while on our road trip. We have fallen in love with Milo McIver State Park. 44 sites and it feels like we’re alone. A river, a lake and a beautiful view. It really doesn’t get any better. Have you been here? It’s in Estacada.

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    1. Robin Post author

      Les, I’d never heard of Milo McIver State Park, but we are definitely going to have to visit it. Your photos have been beautiful!



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