The Month of May

Dear friends,
I must start this post with an apology for disappearing into silence on this blog. April and May have been a particularly busy time for me as well as an emotional time. (We call May our “tender-hearted month” in my family.) Unfortunately, once I get off track with my posting, I find it hard to get “back in the groove” again. But I have continued with my reading, even being able to read on the porch again when time has allowed, and I am here now to say HI and to reflect on my May reading.

May has been a completely enjoyable reading month. I’ve squeezed in as much reading as I can in between multiple trips to Washington State helping our daughter move and get settled into her new home; helping my husband, Byron,  with his shed building project in our backyard (I’ve always been his construction assistant); trips to the State Legislature with my Moms Demand Action group; and my continuing efforts to get the yard and garden in shape (it still feels like a wilderness area!). I’ve read mostly mysteries, and all have been very enjoyable. I am also half-way through the audiobook of Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth, and am almost finished reading Tom Clancy’s Hunt for Red October which I wanted to read before Hubby and I watch the movie again (one of our favorites). I also downloaded the audiobook version (free) of the Mueller Report and am very slowly making my way through it. I feel it is a very important work to read, no matter how long it takes me.

Busy, busy time…and as my friend, Les (Coastal Horizons) said, “Who knew retirement would be so busy!”

Here are the covers of my completed May reads.


4 thoughts on “The Month of May

  1. Les in OR

    Yes, retirement life can be very busy, can’t it? You had a busy month, but it looks like you got in some good reading. I’m still listening to Hunted on the Fens and I like it, but I’m beginning to think these books would be better in print. Or maybe I’m just not spending enough time listening to audios and lose the momentum of the story if too much time passes between listens. I loved Pillars of the Earth on audio. The sequel is also very good. I’m sure I’ve already mentioned this. 🙂

    Happy reading & gardening!

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    1. Robin Post author

      Thanks, Les. I’m thoroughly enjoying my reading, and the gardening is a bit overwhelming at the moment with so much to do and only so much energy. But I remind myself to just keep plugging away at it…and I do enjoy it! I listened to the first two Joy Ellis books in this series and then switched to reading them on my Kindle or book books from the library. I like them in print a little better. Mostly, I’m saving my audiobook listening time for Pillars of the Earth!


    1. Robin Post author

      Thanks for your understanding, Iliana! I am enjoying my reading and this time with family, garden, and spring/summer projects. And I love being able to sit on the porch to read now!



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