The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables

This beautiful book called to me from the library shelf just recently. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading it and am sad to have to return it soon. The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables, by Catherine Reid, is the story of the author, L.M. Montgomery, and her beloved fictional character, Anne Shirley. It is an exploration of place, creativity, and the inspiration of the natural world. I love reading books about authors, especially authors of favorite books, and this one was lovely. The place where L.M. Montgomery lived, Prince Edward Island, shaped and inspired the author in her own life and became central to her writing and to the life she created for her character, Anne.

In the journals she kept throughout her life, Maud Montgomery reveals so many similar experiences to those of Anne Shirley that much of the novel appears to be autobiographical.

I didn’t know that much about L.M. Montgomery, so it was very interesting to learn about her life. The photographs of Prince Edward Island were beautiful. That beauty was a driving force in Montgomery’s life and work.

What we do know of Anne is that her goal is to create something beautiful, something memorable, as she says in Anne of Avonlea, “I’d like to add some beauty to life.”

For Maud Montgomery, writing was all those things and more, as necessary as sleeping or eating, providing her the moments when she was most alive and happy. Through writing, she brought together her fertile imagination, her love of beauty, and her reverence for the natural world.

“Oh, as long as we can work we can make life beautiful.”

…photo from

It was lovely out this evening. I went up over the hill in the clear pure November air and walked about until twilight had deepened into a moonlit autumn night. I was alone but not lonely. Thought was quick and vivid, imagination active and bright. . . . Then I came in, still tingling with the strange, wild, sweet life of the spirit, and wrote a chapter of my new serial—wrote it easily and pleasureably, with no flagging or halting. Oh, it is good to feel well and vivid and interesting and all alive! ~ from THE SELECTED JOURNALS OF L. M. MONTGOMERY, VOL. 1

Learning more about the life and work of L.M. Montgomery made me want to visit Prince Edward Island and experience that beauty and inspiration firsthand. It also made me want to read and re-read all her works. Somehow I missed reading the Anne of Green Gables books when I was growing up. My Mom and I discussed that at one point and couldn’t figure out how we missed those wonderful books! What a lovely summer project it would be to read/re-read them all, one after the other!

If you love Anne Shirley, this book about Maud and Anne and Prince Edward Island is a must!


I chose this book to read for my personal challenge, “Wanderlust,” an effort to read books that are from or take place in each country of the world. This was a book from Canada.

7 thoughts on “The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables

  1. Beatriz

    Hi Robin, let me say first what a pleasure it is to follow your blog! I have discovered new authors through you, remembered previously read ones and vicariously enjoyed all your reading. ( I just got Enchantress from the Stars from my public library. I never knew about her even though I love science fiction! Her website was very interesting.) I also somehow missed reading this series, even though I was a voracious reader all my youth. I’ve always wanted to visit the island.

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    1. Robin Post author

      Hi Beatriz! Your comments were a lovely way to start my day! Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog. I hope you enjoy reading Enchantress from the Stars and would be interested in hearing about your first experience reading Sylvia Engdahl.
      This is what I love about blogging—meeting new friends and kindred spirits! Thank you for reaching out to me this morning.❤️


  2. raidergirl3

    I am thankful every day to live in beautiful PEI, especially in the summer. I also love when more people join the LM Montgomery appreciation society. Welcome!

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  3. Les in OR

    I recently re-read Anne of Green Gables and look forward to re-reading the others in the series. It’s been YEARS! I would love to visit PEI someday. It looks so peaceful and lovely. Thanks for the lovely post, Robin.

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