73 Hours and 19 Minutes

My son, who has a long daily commute to work, listens to audiobooks to make the time in the car more interesting, meaningful, bearable. He often chooses his books by the maximum number of hours possible. It’s not unusual for him to tell us that he only has 60 or so more hours on a current audiobook or series.

Well, I decided to follow in his footsteps and just used my last Audible credit for this month to buy the Anne of Green Gables series, books 1-6, which is only 73 hours and 19 minutes long. I don’t have to listen to it all at once, one book right after the other…but it will keep me busy and happy over a long period of time (especially since I have no daily commute at all!)

My son is proud of me!

4 thoughts on “73 Hours and 19 Minutes

  1. Raidergirl3

    I listened to the Anne series on audio (the ones I could get) a few years ago, and they were just as delightful as the written! Don’t stop at the six. Rainbow Valley and Rilla of Ingleside might not have much Anne, but are also delightful!

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    1. Robin Post author

      Thanks, Raidergirl3! I’m so glad you enjoyed listening to them! It’s going to be a lot of fun for me, and I also look forward to reading or listening to more than the six books in this collection.



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