Summer Morning

Bee Balm

It’s a beautiful summer morning here, and Byron and I have both been working outside all morning. He is working on the new Bicycle/Garden shed — roof is on and the sides are all in. It’s almost time to install the windows and start putting on the siding. We’re excited about this big summer project — A “He/She” shed!

I’ve been watering and weeding in the garden, appreciating the milder-than-usual temperatures and loving the color and variety of flowers in bloom.

A perfect summer morning!

2 thoughts on “Summer Morning

  1. Les in OR

    Your garden looks so lovely, Robin. I’m sure you’ll love your new shed! I worked in the yard for quite some time yesterday. Finally called it quits after I was stung by two wasp. I may not go out again until fall!! 😦

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    1. Robin Post author

      I’m so sorry you were stung, Les! Yuck! Thanks for the compliment on the garden. We have some pretty spots and then a lot of pretty wild areas in the yard. Not a manicured garden, by any means, but I love the flowers, and the veggies that succeed. And I’m just happy when I can get outdoors.



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