100 is a Big Number

When my mother turned 90 years old, my four-year-old grandson was quite amazed when she told him her age. His sweet response was, “That’s a Big number!”  Today would have been her 100th birthday. She always said she did NOT want to get to 100 years old, and she missed it by one year and three weeks. But I am thinking of her today and feeling so deeply grateful that she was in my life for so many years.

6 thoughts on “100 is a Big Number

    1. Robin Post author

      Thank you, dear Marlo! I’m so happy for you to still have your reading mom. It truly is a blessing. Enjoy every precious moment with her. And please give her my best regards! I’d love to know what she’s reading these days!


      1. Marlo Quick

        She is currently reading David Baldacci’s End Game for her book club. She lives in assisted living and reads and plays bridge with friends she has made there. Pretty cool to have a new best friend in your 90s. She also likes Anne Perry and Georgette Heyer. I am fortunate to live close by and spend time with her regularly. I hope your day is filled with happy memories!

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