Autumn arrives

It’s a couple of days early to announce the arrival of Autumn, but I have photos that prove it is definitely here. For the last few days, it has been raining (really more like hailing) acorns! We live with 4 giant Oak trees on our east property line. They’re over 100 years old, and very tall. Each year, the acorns fall, but this year is the first we’ve experienced such a massive amount falling! I don’t know what it means, or if it’s just normal to have a year with a million acorns falling almost all at once, but it’s interesting! We hear one hit the roof, or the patio. They bounce and hit again. And then we hear another, and another. I refuse to go into the east side of our yard because one year I was hit by one of those falling acorns, right on the muscle between shoulder and neck, and it hurt like crazy and left a deep bruise that took a long time to heal. Hailing acorns…Autumn has most definitely arrived.


4 thoughts on “Autumn arrives

    1. Robin Post author

      Thanks, Kay! I’m staying away from that part of the yard for now! They come down with great force. I guess that’s how they plant themselves in the ground.


  1. Les in OR

    We camped underneath oak trees (in Texas last year) that dropped acorns and the sound is as loud as hail! Today we are at a campground in the Sierras, just on the west side of the Nevada border, and there are dozens of oak trees. We got lucky and didn’t have to park underneath one, but the ground around us is covered with the acorns. We keep wondering where are all the squirrels?? 🙂

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