Looking Forward to 2020

With the year 2020 almost here, it’s time to share some of my plans for my reading year. I do love the planning part of a new year! On January 1st, I’ll be ready to launch right into my new year of reading!

For 2020, I’m going to continue reading books by my favorite authors and track them on my Reading Journeys page. Reading about gardens and gardening is something I love to do, so I’m making My Garden Reading a focus for the year.  I will also continue with my international reading by continuing with my Wanderlust self-challenge.

When Autumn arrives, I will welcome the Readers Imbibing Peril challenge once again. And I look forward to Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-thons (no link). I know I will enjoy my continuing participation in The Classics Club. I have finished over 1/2 of the books on my list of 50 Books in 5 Years — my goal for 2020 is to read at least 10-12 more of the books on that list. And I mustn’t forget about my GOODREADS reading challenge. I keep track of all my books on Goodreads, and this year have read 143 books. It’s been a long time since I read that many books in one year. We’ll see what happens in 2020.

I’m excited about this upcoming reading year. I hope you are enjoying your planning, too!

Happy 2020 reading, my friends!



6 thoughts on “Looking Forward to 2020

  1. Kay

    You’ve got some great plans, Robin! I’m not being as detailed in my planning for 2020. In fact, my plan is to read. That’s it. Read. Ha! I’d like to be a little more active and ramp up my exercise a bit. Losing weight has been wonderful for my health, but one of the benefits is a lower resting heart rate. And then it’s harder to get the heart rate up. I’ve come to know that I probably need to push myself a little harder, so I’m going to do that. I guess what that means is that more audiobooks will be in my 2020. Not a bad thing at all. I haven’t read quite as many books as you, but I’m close – over 130 anyway. I’ll enjoy hearing about your 2020 reading!

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    1. Robin Post author

      I love your 2020 reading plan, Kay! And I’m with you on the goal to increase activity. I have a new walking buddy so my walking has increased again. Also joined WW and that is helping, although I’m a turtle. Happy reading in the New Year!


    1. Robin Post author

      Thanks, Deb! You can see how overboard I went on challenges last year, so I needed to keep it a little more simple this year. Happy reading to you in 2020!



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