From My Reading Notebook: Dorothy Gilman

One of my favorite mystery series is the Mrs. Pollifax series by Dorothy Gilman. I’ve been slowly “re-reading” the series by listening to the audiobooks on Audible (you can read one of my reviews here).  In my reading notebook, I found a number of quotes that I wrote down the first time I read the series.This one was from Mrs. Pollifax on Safari. It reveals the personality of the main character and gives you a flavor of these fun-to-read books.

“Of course I’m not being logical,” she conceded, “but I find it so difficult to dislike people. I know they’re frequently selfish or opinionated and egotistical, or dull or contrary and sometimes dishonest, but if one expects nothing from them it’s astonishing how fascinating they are, and always full of surprises.”

This series itself is full of surprises and humor, and is just fun to read.

…photo from Pinterest

6 thoughts on “From My Reading Notebook: Dorothy Gilman

  1. Kay

    I love Mrs. Pollifax and have several of the series that are great favorites of mine. Significantly, not all the series are favorites. I don’t dislike any of them, but I have several that I’ve read or listened to over and over. The Safari book is one of them and also the one set in China. Glad you are enjoying them again!


  2. Nan

    I listened to all these books on TAPE! Barbara Rosenblat is the best reader! I do love Mrs P, and it startles me when I realize that I am quite a bit older now than she is in the books. Time is a funny thing. I think the only one I didn’t like was a torture facet – I think in Hong Kong. I’m happy you are writing about them.



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