A Favorite Poem by Gary Snyder

Today, May 8th, is Gary Snyder’s birthday. He’s 90 years old! I have a book of his poems, Regarding Wave, bought long ago when Byron and I were newly married. That book has traveled with us through all our moves and book purges. I still enjoy opening it occasionally and revisiting some of my favorites in that slim little volume.

Here’s one that I loved way back then, and still do…and it seems quite appropriate to reread it during this time of shelter-at-home. Also, by coincidence, our grandson is named Kai, so there is even a greater connection to this poem now. Isn’t it interesting how a poem weaves itself into your life in many different ways?


10 thoughts on “A Favorite Poem by Gary Snyder

    1. Robin Post author

      Iliana, I just thought he captured the positive beauty of that stay-at-home time with their newborn. And it resonated with me in a whole new way since all of us have been creating our stay-at-home worlds in the last few months. I’d forgotten how much I like his poetry!


  1. Nan

    I so love the last lines. Perfect. Just what happens. And the rest of the poem is very redolent of the times. I looked it up and Kai was born in ’68. How do you pronounce it – Kay or Ky?

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    1. Robin Post author

      Nan, our son, Dan (Kai’s dad), was born in 1971. And I remember how pleased I was when our grandson, Kai, was born and they named him Kai! It seemed right! Kai is pronounced with the long “I” sound.



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