Wise Words from Gladys Taber

We have a lot of “time” on our hands this year, but these words of wisdom remind us of the important things we could be doing with our time. (Thanks to my friend, Nan, for introducing me to Gladys Taber!)

6 thoughts on “Wise Words from Gladys Taber

  1. Nan

    I’m so pleased you like her so much. Funny, I don’t have any more or less time than always. I guess because I don’t really do much outside stuff. Sort of living the farm life of gardening and cooking. I shop at only the Co-op and the Farmers’ Market. I see mostly my family. I sound like I am living centuries ago!

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    1. Robin Post author

      Nan, I like what I’ve read by her, but there are very few of her books that I’ve been able to find. Your life sounds grounded, happy, and full of the important things in life. Just lovely!



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