Positivity and Gratitude

The year 2020 has been a cruel one in so many ways. It has felt like one thing after another, and each time we think the worst has happened, another challenge pops up that takes even more to deal with…

There. I’ve stated my overall view of this year, but the way I am choosing to deal with it all is to continue to look for the good, the beautiful, the special, and all the little things that bring meaning and happiness to my life. The word I chose for this year is “Gratitude,” and that word has helped me get through the many trials that we’ve faced in 2020. In the midst of the chaos and cruelty, I have been mindfully grateful for so many things. Here are a few of them:

I am grateful for my husband who, in my opinion, is the best person on earth to be quarantined with! I love our long walks and long talks!

I am grateful that my daughter, son-in-law, son, and grandson have all been healthy this year and able to stay safe during the quarantine.

I am grateful that my oldest brother, who was diagnosed with Covid-19 in late May or early June, was asymptomatic and recovered without any damage.

I am grateful for the weekly Zoom calls with my brothers and their wives. We call ourselves the “Famnet,” and share weekly updates of our lives (next week is call #38!). Our parents would have loved this new way of family communication! These Zoom calls definitely beat the family meetings my parents used to hold when we were little…which we dubbed “Gripe Sessions.”

I am grateful for my exercise class and my tai chi class being taught online so I can continue with them despite the restrictions of quarantine.

I am grateful for the beauty that surrounds us. My husband and I have been making a couple of trips a week (short drive) to the coffee shop and then to Fern Hill Wetlands in the early morning hours to watch the geese and ducks, the bald eagles, and the Redwing Blackbirds…and to talk over all of life’s little and big problems while we look out over that beautiful and life-filled view.

I am grateful, this year especially, to be retired, an introvert, and a reader, which made staying home less stressful than so many other people’s months of quarantine!

And I am deeply grateful for the medical people, the caretakers, the scientists, and all the essential workers who have have given so much and helped us deal with this pandemic, and who have cared for our loved ones when ill or dying.

The list is actually endless, I realize now. GRATITUDE was the right word to choose for 2020.  And I already know which word I will choose for 2021, but will talk about that later.

14 thoughts on “Positivity and Gratitude

  1. sachsandrea

    I am so grateful that Lesley introduced me to you! I have enjoyed your postings – and love the Christmas card. And I, with you, am an introvert, love reading and watching the wild life out our windows – so being shut in this year hasn’t been the hardship it probably has been for many.
    Merry Christmas! May the new year bring only good things to you and yours.

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  2. Nan

    Very, very nice, Robin. I think it is important to note these things. I might do it at some point, but it is more the “little” things.
    Have you seen your kids and grandboy at all during this time?

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    1. Robin Post author

      Thanks, Nan! We’ve been able to see our son and grandson, but we’ve had very minimal time with our daughter who lives in Washington State now. We’re going to miss her terribly this Christmas… We do Zoom calls with her twice a week, so that helps, but it’s not the same as being with her in person.
      How about you? I know Hazel and her parents are part of your “bubble,” but I was wondering if you’ve been able to spend time with your grandsons?


  3. kaysreadinglife

    Another wonderful post, Robin. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Gratitude is something that takes a little practice sometimes, but I find that when I focus on it and making a few lists of things that I’m grateful for, my life settles down and is much richer and more meaningful in many ways. One thing I am so grateful for right now – our daughter will be able to get the vaccine next week at the hospital where she works. I’ve tried not to worry too much about her, but she’s the person in my life that has been most at risk through her job. Never thought that being a nurse would be so scary for the nurse’s mother. LOL

    Take care. Much love sent to you!

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  4. Robin Post author

    Thank you, Kay. I’m so glad to hear that your daughter will start with her vaccinations next week! It IS scary to be a nurse or frontline medical worker during this pandemic. It must be a huge relief to know that she will soon be vaccinated.
    Continue to stay safe! Much love sent to you, too!


  5. Les in OR

    Like you, I haven’t found the restrictions of the pandemic too difficult since I’m somewhat of an introvert and homebody. I do miss our jaunts out with the RV, but those trips will eventually return. For now, I’m content with reading, blogging, working on puzzles, watching movies/tv series, riding my Peloton, a weekly get together with my three Mah Jong pals, and hanging out with Rod & my mom. I am so thankful that I don’t have to go to work and worry about catching the virus!

    Merry Christmas to you and Byron! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2021!

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    1. Robin Post author

      Les, I’ve loved seeing all the amazing puzzles you’ve worked on during this quarantine. Won’t it be nice when you and Rod can hit the road again? And post photos and stories for us all to enjoy! Happy New Year and happy reading to you in 2021.


  6. iliana

    This is such a beautiful post and so full of positivity which we all need. It has been such a stressful and difficult year but it’s always important to acknowledge the good things that surround us.

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    1. Robin Post author

      Ti, this made me chuckle! “Gather” should have been a perfectly good word for the year, but things certainly went awry for all of us! I hope you did gather books, though. 😉



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