When I taught Sixth Grade, there were times in the afternoon that I would occasionally bag the lessons I had planned and call for a catch-up time, which my students affectionately named  “Ketchup time.”  Life and responsibilities gets overwhelming sometimes and it’s good to remember to give yourself a break from what you think you should be doing and just give yourself (or your students, in that case) a gift of time to catch up with yourself. The students would cheer when Ketchup time was called, and would finish assignments, read a good book, draw, create art projects, or watch what was happening out the window. Those were many of the happiest times in my classroom over the years, for the teacher and for the students!

I am so far behind on my reviews of books I’ve been reading! So I’m going to give myself some “Ketchup time.” I’ll write reviews, or make a list of books I’ve read during the pandemic (without the pressure to review them), or just spend some time looking out the window. So please bear with me as I Ketchup with myself and my blog. Reviews will be coming.

8 thoughts on “Ketchup

  1. kaysreadinglife

    Robin! I love this! I often have ‘ketchup’ time during the late fall and December. And this year, I say we should just all do what works for us and not worry about reviews at all. Make a list or don’t even do that. Hit the ‘reset’ button – which is what we do in order to focus again in our Weight Watcher meetings. 🙂

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  2. Ti

    It’s so easy for things to get away from us, even during a pandemic. I find that my days are all jumbled together. I like to be productive but this year I am cutting myself some slack. 2020 has given me permission to stay in my jammies and to just ease up overall. Christmas never has to be one way and this year has proved it.

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