My Word for 2021

For the last few years I have chosen a word as my focus for the year. The first word I chose was HOPE, and it was so appropriate for 2019. Then I chose GRATITUDE for 2020, and that turned out to be the perfect word for such a crazy year. It reminded me each day to focus on the positives instead of all the negatives that surrounded us all.

Now that 2021 has finally arrived, I’ve chosen a word that will remind me each day to be present in the moment; to appreciate the love and beauty that surrounds me; and to treasure all the people in my life.

So my guiding word for 2021 is CHERISH.

8 thoughts on “My Word for 2021

    1. Robin Post author

      Thanks, Kay! This pandemic has taught me to not take for granted the little things, so this word will help me remember that on a daily basis.


    1. Robin Post author

      Les, I love it, too! So much better for me than resolutions. I set goals, but this is different. It’s a guiding light throughout the year. Simple yet profound.


  1. Ti

    An excellent word. I think I am skipping One Word this year. I chose GATHER for 2020 and boy was I off on that one. I will give it a little more thought but my first thought is to not jinx us again.

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