May and June…where’d they go?

Daughter and me at our favorite garden center.

Oh my goodness. Yes, we have a lot going on here, but May and June just seemed to get lost in the shuffle of busy-ness. Reading has slowed down, gardening has sped up. In both May and June, all of us now vaccinated, we enjoyed a couple of visits with our daughter. We took a one day road trip to see her home and garden after 15 months of not being able to travel. Then, her visits in May and in June to our place. When she comes for a visit, there’s a lot of garden stuff that happens. We always visit our favorite garden centers, AND she helps in my garden! She weeds my flower beds and makes things look so nice. Her way of “helping,” which is a major understatement!

Two days after she left this last time, I was outside picking our bumper crop of cherries which took three busy days. I hustled to pick as many as I could before THE heat event hit the Pacific Northwest. Then I spent my mornings watering to keep things alive in the intense heat, and afternoons in retreat from the most intense heat I’ve ever experienced. Thinking back over the last two months, it’s no wonder I am feeling very fatigued! But here I am, checking in and letting you know I am still here, and still reading!

Books finished in May and June:

Hopefully, with the hot afternoons of July upon us, I will be getting more reading done while staying cool indoors parked in front of our window air conditioner. And hopefully, we won’t have a repeat of that record-breaking heat wave! I don’t want to repeat those three days of 104, 109, and 112 degrees!

I hope this post finds you enjoying your summer, and that it is filled with sunshine and books…and nice mild temperatures!

7 thoughts on “May and June…where’d they go?

  1. Ti

    Oh. The heat has been a bear. I find that each year I tolerate it even worse than the year before.

    My reading got sidelined by life but it’s kind of picking up again as long as I pick the right reads for my mood.

    I am glad you have been spending time in your garden. I know that brings you a lot of joy. Right after I boasted about having a newly sprouted green thumb, my succulents all took a nose dive. I think it’s been too hot for them which I didn’t think was possible. Now I have shade covers up. I fear I’ve lost a few and those were the beloved ones I picked up from the botanical garden.

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    1. Robin Post author

      Ti, “reading getting sidelined by life” describes it perfectly. That’s what’s been happening to me, and finding the right book that fits my mood has been a challenge, as well. I’m so sorry about your special succulents and I hope they can pull through. I’m still hoping some of my heat damaged plants will survive, but it was impossible to protect them from that much heat. I guess we’re all still recovering from that heat event — humans and plants!❤️


  2. iliana

    So fun to see you going out and about with family! Isn’t it great to be vaccinated and actually feel like we can do things now. I cannot believe the heat wave that you guys are having. Our temps have been lower than normal but I won’t complain. And, that’s great that you got so much reading done in the last two months!

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    1. Robin Post author

      Iliana, it’s a huge relief to be vaccinated, but because my husband has some health issues right now, we are still masking up when we are out and about, and are still avoiding crowd situations. But it feels so good to be heading for “back to normal”!



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