Autumn’s Window

Autumn’s Window, by Loré Pemberton

I fell in love with this lovely Autumn illustration by artist, Loré Pemberton. Check out her web site to see more of her beautiful illustrations.

Happy Fall, everyone!

10 thoughts on “Autumn’s Window

  1. Marlo Quick

    Thank you for sharing this illustration and the link to Lore Pemberton’s site. She is very talented and it is easy to step right into the worlds she has created. Three things I especially love: her paintings represent diversity, her use of windows, and there are books and reading in so many of her paintings.

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  2. Téj Ashish

    This scene looks cozy even in autumn 🍂. It’s a good choice of illustration, Robin. Like the way the pie and the pumpkin are placed side by side on the window sill, seems like a subtle pun on pumpkin-pie.

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