The Fortnight in September


What a sweet way to end my summer reading! The Fortnight in September, by R.C. Sherriff, was a delightful ode to family and summer vacations. Every September for many years, the Stevens family has been making their end-of-summer pilgrimage to the same seaside town, staying at the same (now aging) inn, and enjoying the break from all their usual activities. In this quiet, slow-paced book, you get to know each member of the family and what that fortnight in September means to them. That’s it…nothing earthshaking, just a regular family on vacation. But this author is masterful at capturing the nostalgia of such a yearly vacation over time, and capturing the sunshine and joy of time away from the usual hustle and bustle. It is a timeless story, and full of sunshine for the soul.

8 thoughts on “The Fortnight in September

  1. Marlo Quick

    I must have seen this on your list and reserved it. I picked up my copy yesterday and am looking forward to reading it as soon as I finish my book club selection and Great Circle. It sounds like a perfect comfort read.

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  2. Jane

    I read this a few years ago and it’s one that has really stayed with me, I find his characterisation perfect – even of women which is amazing I think. Shortly afterwards I read Greengates and he’s now one of my most cherished authors. I have the grey Persephone and am jealous of your new ‘classic’ cover!

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  3. Lesley in OR

    I recently spotted this on Iliana’s blog and thought it sounded delightful. I love the cover art and am glad the book didn’t disappoint. I’m always on the lookout for a comfort read and this sounds perfect. Thanks, Robin. Love your ever-changing blog header, too!

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    1. Robin Post author

      Les, it’s a quiet and slow-moving story, which is different from my usual reading pace. But part of the appeal is that, like being on vacation, it slows you down and let’s you enjoy the sunshine.

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