Classics Club Spin #28

It’s time for another Classics Club “Spin!”  Here’s how it works:

  • Go to your blog.
  • Pick twenty books that you’ve got left to read from your Classics Club List.
  • Post that list, numbered 1-20, on your blog before Sunday, 17th October.
  • We’ll announce a number from 1-20.
  • Read that book by 12th December, 2021.

Here is my list of 20 books. Check back here on October 17th to see which book I will be reading for this new Spin.

  1. Sons, by Pearl S. Buck
  2. The Enchantress of Florence, by Salman Rushdie
  3. The Little Bulbs, by Elizabeth Lawrence
  4. The Black Stallion, by Walter Farley
  5. The Stranger, by Albert Camus
  6. Home, by Toni Morrison
  7. The Sign of the Four, by Arthur Conan Doyle
  8. In Morocco, by Edith Wharton
  9. The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien
  10. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, by Betty Smith
  11. Summer at Fairacre, by Miss Read
  12. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, by Mark Twain (click on the title to read my review)

  13. The Cossacks, by Leo Tolstoy
  14. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, by Mildred D. Taylor
  15. Night, by Ellie Wiesel
  16. Barchester Towers, by Anthony Trollope
  17. Round the Bend, by Nevil Shute
  18. Kokoro, by Natsume Soseki
  19. House Made of Dawn, by M. Scott Momaday
  20. Malgudi Days, by R.K. Narayan

21 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin #28

    1. Robin Post author

      Thanks, Helen. I’ve read The Hobbit numerous times, including reading it aloud to both my kids and to numerous classrooms of my students over the years. But this time, I want to listen to the audiobook version narrated by the incredibly talented Andy Serkis. Should be a great new adventure!


    1. Robin Post author

      Kay, I’d be happy if one of those three was chosen, too. And I’m excited to find out how the Andy Serkis narration goes. He’s sooo talented!


    1. Robin Post author

      Jane, it’s one of my husband’s favorite books, and I read it ages ago, but it’s time for a reread because I don’t remember much about it now. (Except the first line!)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Robin Post author

      Thanks, Marianne. I enjoyed looking at your spin list, too, and look forward to seeing which one is chosen. I haven’t always finished my Spin choice but I love the challenge.


      1. Marianne Maurer

        So do I, Robin. It doesn’t matter if we don’t finish the spin choice. It shouldn’t be a chore and we don’t get paid for it, right? I’ve been lucky so far and didn’t have a problem. A couple of books I could have done without but they were not too too long.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Robin Post author

      Thanks for sending both links, WordsAndPeace! This Rushdie is one of my husband’s favorites, so it’s time to read it. Enjoy your spin reading! I’m off to check out your list!

      Liked by 1 person


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