About Today’s Header

Today’s header (just for one day) is an old photo of my daughter, Jamie. She was born on Halloween and so our celebrations of this day have always been joyous rather than spooky. She is a beautiful and talented person, and is such a delight for us with her humor and compassion. We are so very proud of her. Happy birthday to our lovely daughter! And happy Halloween to you all!

10 thoughts on “About Today’s Header

  1. JaneGS

    Happy birthday to your daughter. My twins were born on Halloween as well, and they have always loved having their birthday on Halloween–everyone is in a good mood, it’s just fun and festive!

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  2. Davida Chazan

    What a lovely little girl! By the way, two of my favorite people in my family were born on October 31 – my mother-in-law (yes, she was a wonderful, brilliant, and creative woman), and my Aunt Addie (who always made us laugh).

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