After the Diagnosis Reading

A few weeks ago, I published a post about the books I have been reading since my husband’s diagnosis of cancer. I called it “My Other Reading” because I felt at the time that it was a separate reading journey for me. It was also a little easier than coming right out and saying that I am reading about disease, death, dying, end-of-life, and grief. But I have come to understand that it is not a separate reading journey for me. It is a very important pursuit of knowledge, and is taking central stage for much of my reading time these days. So I’m going to keep an ongoing list of this new journey, (like I do with my other reading journeys) and the books I am reading that help me understand and process what Byron and I are going through. I hope you will check back here occasionally to see where this search for knowledge and understanding is taking me.

I recognize that “end-of-life” is a topic that is uncomfortable for many. It is a very private journey, and our culture deems it to be something we just don’t talk about very much. But I make sense out what is happening in my life by reading, learning as much as I can, and then writing and talking over those ideas/learnings with my friends and loved ones. The conversations that have already been sparked, the book recommendations from friends and family, the kindnesses being shown to us by so many around us and in so many ways, are all deeply appreciated and help us with our processing. I also hope that in talking openly about our experience, it may help someone else process their own experiences with loss and grief.

And I am finding such interest, understanding, and solace in my reading about what we are going through right now. My reading is empowering me to do the best I can to be supportive, helpful, and understanding of Byron’s daily struggles with this disease. It is Byron’s illness, but our journey, together. And I want to do it well.

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10 thoughts on “After the Diagnosis Reading

  1. Marlo+Quick

    You are wise to seek knowledge and comfort on this journey. You are taking an unknown route so you need to be looking at the map. Years ago I read In the Slender Margin by Eve Joseph. I don’t remember details but it addressed death in such an open and caring way. My heart sends love to both of you.

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  2. Davida Chazan

    Just one thing – please take care of your own health. Like they say on the airplanes, if you’re traveling with a child, put your air mask on FIRST before you put the mask on your child. You can’t help your husband if you’re not taking care of yourself as well.

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  3. kaysreadinglife

    I think this is an important reading journey for you, Robin, and I appreciate that you are sharing it with us. You never know what it may spark in someone else’s life and we are honored that you’ve invited us in to join you with these books. I did a bit of this when my parents were both making their way through Alzheimer’s/dementia. I add my recommendation for Atul Gawande’s book, Being Mortal. Have read it more than once. Big hugs!

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  4. Lesley

    I echo Nan & Kay’s remarks. I also have read a lot about grief and am putting together my own list of titles to eventually share on my blog. I think I have a dozen or so nonfiction titles and a couple of novels. I find they have all been very helpful over the years and I’m sure I’ll revisit them in the years to come. Big hugs and love to you, my friend.

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