April Activities

Is it only April 7th today? It seems like April has already been a month long! How much Life can be packed into seven days, anyway? Well, I have to answer my own question with: A LOT!

April Activities thus far:

I have finished two books already in April. I read Round the Bend, by Nevil Shute, for my Classics Club Spin book. I will be reviewing it soon. Then, I listened to the audiobook version of When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi. It’s a beautifully written memoir of a young neurosurgeon’s battle with lung cancer. It made the waiting room time go much faster.


Our daughter came to spend time with us, which is always a delightful time for us. Once again, she helped out with our yard work and gardening, something she loves to do and which we appreciate so deeply.

Our daughter starting the spring clean-up the butterfly garden…

Byron underwent his second chemotherapy infusion, and in these first few days of April, has completely lost his hair. He is tolerating these chemo treatments every three weeks pretty well, with fatigue (and hair loss!) being the main side effects so far. During the times that he is feeling deep fatigue, we have been watching (and really enjoying) a YouTube channel called 4kSeoul. A very talented young man films his walks through the beautiful city of Seoul, South Korea. There is no narration, just sounds of the city surrounding you (especially if you put on your headphones to listen). Byron loves to see the architecture of the city as we walk through different neighborhoods. I am fascinated by the people we see, the energy of that city, and the historical structures we come across on these walks. It’s a fun way to experience a different place and a different culture.

On a walk in Namsan Park, in Seoul, South Korea…

So, hello to April! Life is full and busy for us right now, albeit in some ways we didn’t anticipate, and we are enjoying and appreciating the beauty of early Spring.  I hope you are enjoying your April, too!

8 thoughts on “April Activities

  1. Ti

    I am glad Byron is tolerating the chemo okay so far. I pray that the treatments continue to go well.

    Thanks so much for sharing 4K Seoul. That is really cool and I imagine I will be watching regularly now.

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  2. Lesley

    Your tulips are so beautiful, Robin!

    Did you know that Paul Kalanithi’s wife (Lucy) married Nina Riggs’ husband? Paul and Nina both wrote their memoirs before they passed away and then their spouses wound up marrying. Here’s a link to that sweet story. I really enjoyed reading The Bright Hour by Riggs.

    4kSeoul sounds like a lovely program to watch. I’ll have to take a look at it.

    I hope Byron continues to tolerate the chemo as well as he has. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. Much love to you both, Robin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robin Post author

      Thank you so much, Les, and thank you for the link! I had heard that she remarried, but I didn’t know the story. I’m so happy for both of them!


  3. kaysreadinglife

    Robin, I’m just getting around to reading this post. Keeping you both in my prayers and hopeful that Byron is able to deal with the chemo. Glad you two are enjoying spring. Love the picture at the top of your blog. Those tulips! Gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robin Post author

      Thank you so much, Kay. I just posted a positive update on Byron’s treatments. All the prayers and caring thoughts are working!



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