A Gift Idea

If you haven’t quite finished your holiday shopping, and need just one more special thing for the family or a friend, I have a gift idea for you. The Birthday of the World: A Story About Finding Light in Everyone and Everything, is a lovely little book written by Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen, with beautiful illustrations by Rachell Sumpter. It’s a “story about finding light in everyone and everything,” and was was told to her as a gift by her beloved grandfather when she was turned four years old. As Dr. Rachel explains in her Author’s Notes, the story is about “healing the world one heart at a time.” And now she has shared this heartwarming story with us.

“Like your eyes, your heart is an organ of vision, a way of seeing. When you look at everyone and everything with your heart, you see things that you would not see if you only looked with your eyes. It’s like the difference between seeing things in black and white and seeing things in color. When you remember and begin to see with your heart again, the world fills with color. You see the light that is hidden in everyone and everything.”

This book touched my heart and I think that it is a treasure book of wisdom that should be shared with everyone.


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